How not to clean your DSLR and Lenses ?

This video is certainly a prank but there are people who actually bestow such tortures on their photography gear. It is to be known by every photographer no matter how noob, Dslrs and lenses are very delicate objects and are supposed to be handled as such. So how not to clean your DSLR and Lenses ?

  • Do not bring your Dslr or lenses in close contact with water and moisture.
  • Although it looks like they are mostly made up of glass but most of the modern lenses have sophisticated electronics in them and everyone knows what happens when you mix water and electronics.
  • With Dslrs the situation is pretty obvious as no matter how weather sealed they are, if water or moisture manged to get inside, it will certainly cause you some expensive damage.
  • If you ever encounter any kind of dust or dirt on your lens elements or sensor, simply do not clean with any generic cloth no matter how clean or how soft. Use a air blower or air can to blow away the dust.
  • Do not blow the dirt with your mouth as the air out of your lungs is not completely dry and contain moisture that is slightly acidic in nature. You can buy air cans or professional lens cleaning kit to get this job in a more elegant mannerย here.
  • Fungus or dust specks that get deep inside into the lens should be cleaned only by a authorized professional at your nearest service center. Do not attempt to clean the interior of your lenses at home unless you know what you are doing.
  • Youtube is a nice place to get familiar with cleaning methods that can be implemented at home although I won’t recommend them. Also beware of ย any fake or prank video as the one I have written this article around.

So these are some simple facts to consider before taking your photography gear on cleaning spree. If you liked this post you might also like my article on Top 10 Mistakes every photographer must avoid. Happy Shooting!

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