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PixeLarge has been initiated by me as a platform to serve what I have learned so far in the field of photography. Be it the techniques I generally use myself, the secrets that were trusted to me by my fellow photographers and teachers or the experience I had with all kind of photography gear in this journey.

Thanx to the contribution that everybody (including myself) has made to this website, PixeLarge.com is now a perfect blend of Photography Gear Reviews, Photography Tutorials, Tip-Tricks, Suggestions and everything else that a Photography student might ever need. PixeLarge has the capacity to teach you something new and incredible regardless of the level you are at in the field of shooting.

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About the Administrator :

I am Vishal Singh Jakhar, a Gadget freak, Photography Student, a prolific online researcher and the man behind Pixelarge.com. The Art of Photography holds special place in my heart and is something that I pursue with great passion and enthusiasm. The more I learn, the more I see the circumference of darkness increasing and I have realized that you can never learn enough and you can never learn it all.

I uncovered my passion for Photography at a very early age. Since then I have been learning and teaching at the same time. I occasionally conduct photography workshops and tours but most of my time is spent in either reading, reviewing or experimenting with latest gear in the market.

Apart from Photography, I have always admired the creativity in being a professional web developer and blogger.

PixeLarge.com being the most dear to me defines 80% of my schedule. I have always felt the responsibility to share what I have gathered in the field of photography all these years and PixeLarge is an outcome of that responsibility.

Being a man of varied interests I am also a scholar of computer software architecture, security systems, economics, public administration, literature and philosophy.

Music, Movies and Travelling occupy my attention when I am not fiddling with my camera.

Belonging to the colourful state of Rajasthan in India, I appreciate the fine things around and beyond.