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There couldn’t be more appropriate description of this book than saying that “It is a collection of over one hundred marvelous photographs and comprehensive information on how they were made possible“. I got my hand on this book in the summer of 2012 and you would be amazed to know that I read the whole in one go.

Photo Inspiration: Secrets Behind Stunning Images is being published by, a very well curated photography website that is home for thousands of highly skilled photographers sharing their incredible work online and getting expert criticism for the same. This book has been made possible by picking up some of the most popular photographs from the website along with the stories behind their creation from various artists and putting them together to serve as a source of information to aspiring photo artists. and i believe the book justifies it’s purpose 100%.

If you are familiar with the general terminology of photography, if you know how to use your gear and some post processing software like Photoshop or Lightroom, this is the book for you. From beginners to professionals,  Photo Inspiration by is for everyone. The ability of this book to boost your creativity and to give you a kick start is second to none.

The insights behind every photograph are very easy to understand and have not been ruined by being too technical. The quality of the paperback edition is top notch so you don’t need to go for the hardback version, until unless you wish to. Although I do had some problems with the ebook, photographs were not big enough to fill up the whole screen on my ipad and loss of quality was observed when i tried to zoom.

Moreover, I would recommend you to couple the ‘Photo Inspiration: Secrets Behind Stunning Images with ‘The Art of Photography: An Approach to Personal Expression by Bruce Barnbaum and trust me, you will learn more than all other sources combined from these books alone.

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Summary: Photo Inspiration: Secrets Behind Stunning Images is a collection of over hundred marvellous photographs and comprehensive information on how they were made possible



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