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“There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.”
― Ansel Adams


“Even & Odd”

Human eyes have a tendency to symmetrize everything and to follow what is exactly placed a centre.  Here I am not talking about the centre of the frame but the centre of all the subjects placed into the frame. Now imagine that there are four (even number) subjects in a frame. What would you find when you divide them in half and look in between?  The answer is Nothing! So what is going to happen is that the composition will lead your viewer to an empty space in your picture.

Now this is not true for all cases but in most of them your picture is going to loose its appeal. The solution however is pretty simple. As you see in this photograph that the number of fox has been limited to three which is a odd number an thus the compositions restricts the human eyes from dwelling into the empty space and let them concentrate on the middle subject, if not on the others.

Most of the photographers use this rule specially in wild life photography where pretty often if not always you will find the odd number of subjects in the frame. So next time when you see three, five or seven subjects placed strategically in a photograph, you will realize that it is because of this nifty rule that the photographer composed the shot this way.

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