Keeping the Horizon Perfectly Horizontal – Quick Photography Tutorials

“Sometimes I arrive just when God’s ready to have someone click the shutter.” 
― Ansel Adams

1.12 Keep the Horizon Perfectly Horizontal - Photography Quick Tutorials

“Have a Horizontal Horizon”


We have covered so much on the rules of photographic composition till now and yet its so incomplete without the mention of this very essential rule. Specially while shooting landscapes you have to take care of this rule which demands to ‘Keep the Horizon Perfectly Horizontal‘.

Beginner photographers generally forget this rule and take pictures with the horizon slightly tilted and bent at an angle. This kind of composition generally create discomfort in the eyes of the viewer.

The planet we live on is round and even when the visible space doesn’t appear round to us, it’s not perfectly straight either. Mountains, rocks, trees and various other articles make it rough and bumpy, but we are not talking about eliminating them. Our aim to make those trees and mountains appear going straight up in the sky and not at an angle.

This rule is extremely simple to implement and it’s better to get it done right in the camera itself, that will save you the hassle of doing the same in the post production. Also proper implementation of this rule is gonna save your pictures from unnecessary criticism on the grounds of composition. So use that bubble level on your tripod or you can use the inbuilt virtual horizon available in most Dslr’s these days and make your pictures look that much more perfect and magnificent.

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