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“Natural Framing in Composition”

Hello! there, here I’m with with one another tutorial for you guys. You must have read the title already which says ‘Framing’ and you might already have speculated what’s it all about. Well it’s different, so pause your imagination for a moment and bear with me.

You might have seen those beautiful pictures of Tajmahal with that arc surrounding the whole scene or you might have seen those incredible pictures from Rome in which the subject is peeping through the arcs of tree branches or some incredibly designed door. That’s what framing really is.

Framing is when we use something natural in the scene like a door, a hole through the dense branches to act as frame in the foreground around our key subject or main area of attraction in the background. This rule is probably the most used one in architecture photography and by the people shooting monuments. But hopefully it’s not restricted to the same.

You can almost apply this rule anywhere and get astonishing results that you never expected.

Note : Did you notice how the photographer created the interest in this picture by getting a natural frame like feel using the trees in the foreground? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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