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“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.” 
― Diane Arbus


“Background and its Significance”

Sometimes as a photographer we are so focused on our main subject that we often forget it’s relation with the background. Many time while shooting portraits outdoor we include a busy background that distracts viewer from the subject. you might have seen trees, branches or poles poking out of the heads behind people in lots of portraits, making them appear silly. This is a big No No when it comes to making good pictures.

You can easily avoid this mistake by opening up the aperture, making the background go blurred and silky or most of the time you can just shift your view point and get something plain and obsolete behind your subject. Doing so will make make your subject shine out and mesmerize the viewers. For the people who use point and shoot or cellphone cameras and can’t manipulate the aperture, shifting the view point is your best bet.

Note : Did you notice the blurred background in this picture ? It has been achieved by keeping the aperture wide open. Let us know your opinions about this photograph and this technique in the comments below.


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